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What is 'Eco Friendly'?

At at time when people are becoming environmentally conscious the term 'eco friendly' has developed as shorthand for 'ecologically friendly'. It's a buzzword that covers a multiple of things but the consensus that that it describes anything that takes the Earth into account; be that in lifestyle, manufacturing, services etc.

There are many productive and effective ways to go green, such as using passive solar energy where and when practical, not wastefully burning energy and not cluttering landfills with objects that still have some life left in them or could at least be broken down for recycling.

Other ways of how to be green include buying products from manufacturers and companies that are green aware. There are factories made with a large proportion of recycled metal and wood and that have installed solar panels for power. They design the factory to take as much advantage of natural light as possible. They may also tap into power generated by wind farms.

There are companies that use plant materials or recycled materials for their advertising and their packaging. But it's not only up to big business and manufacturers to become more green and environmentally aware. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for everyone to be ecologically savvy and to contribute to the health of our lovely (and only) home, Earth.

We can get the most out of every bit of plastic and metal that enters our lives and passes through our hands by recycling. Rather than using a shop's disposable plastic and paper bags there are plenty of stylish reusable bags available, often made of recycled materials.

Do not buy bottled water. Not only is the ever-burgeoning pile of waste plastics reduced, but also water in a glass or food-grade metal bottle is better for you and you know the source of the water. Filter your home water so that it has a healthy pH, and this becomes a triple win.

Go Green and enjoy more of life

Do some research and appliance comparison then purchase energy efficient appliances. Some appliances claim to be energy efficient, but their construction is so compromised that they do not last as long and therefore are not ultimately the greenest choice.

Don't automatically turn on lights when walking into a room, but develop a habit of using natural light when practical. Turn off everything electrical when not in use. Install solar panels in order to use this excellent source of passive energy. Ask your local utility if they have a green power program, and sign up for it. Encourage them to initiate a green power program if they don't have one yet.

Walk, ride a bike, and buy locally produced food. Hang clothes out to dry. You'll get a little fresh air and exercise, and your clothes will smell better. Retire your television and read a book. Whether a physical book or an e-reader you will use considerably less energy and have a more enjoyable experience while reading and using your imagination.

It's not difficult and in many ways it's extremely pleasant to be eco friendly.

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