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If there is one word or phrase which is indicative of today’s culture and environment it's the word 'green' and the phrase 'go green'. Being eco friendly and knowing the ins and out of going green has become a by-word used today by popular culture, science, politics, education, entertainment and business/commerce sectors. Everyone it seems is keen to assure you of their green credentials.

Going green simply means adhering to environmentally friendly practices and using services and supplies that are produced in ways that are sustainable, which produce less waste, and which have a low impact on the earth's dwindling natural resources. The main advantages being that you save money and help to preserve the planet.

Tips For The Green Workplace

  • Work from home and commute less often
  • Order eco friendly office supplies and IT services supplied by eco friendly companies
  • Keep things digitalised i.e. reduce or eliminate the use of paper
  • Use recycled furniture and other office essentials whenever possible
  • Use solar powered energy and rechargers
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Get your business invovled in local community projects that foster an environmentally friendly attitude
  • Encourage your staff to cycle to work by introducing subsidised bicycle purchase schemes.

One of the most popular forms of how to be green is to incorporate the use of Feng Shui in one’s home. This Far Eastern philosophy which attempts to bring balance between one’s environment and nature, is perhaps one of the most recent and popularly sought after forms of going green in the cultural mindset of the West.

Tips for a greener home

Easily implemented in households, schools and even business office environments, Feng Shui has been shown to bring relaxation, peace and even tranquillity to those who incorporate these simple touches in their lives. The magic might simply be good interior design, but then again it could be the flow of chi - you decide.

Buying products which possess natural fibres such as cotton and wool is another excellent go green method. Eating organically and free of as much man-made pollutants as possible, will go a long way in eco friendly living. Even using something as simple as cast iron pots and pans instead of Teflon/Melamine-coated utensils will aid the pubic in both their health and teaching them green living.

Likewise, eating mercury-free fish, such as Tilapia instead of usually chemically laced Tuna fish is another viable example of how to be green. In addition, by simply adding good quality water filters to our taps or better yet, catching rain water in rain barrels is another ancient, inexpensive and time tested way of gathering a perpetual water supply.

Another simple green measure which can be easily taken is in the recycling of plastic containers - especially water carrying type bottles. Not only will they help keep our waterways clean but will aid in reducing the mountains of plastic trash dumps in our municipalities.

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