Green Business

A green business is founded on environmental management and eco friendly principles such as sustainability, protection, and conservation. Green businesses incorporate these principles into the different aspects of the operation.

Depending on the type of business, these may involve adapting green solutions for office procurement, waste management, manufacturing and production, and energy and water conservation.

How to be green and still earn enough from the business? This is probably one of the major questions of every entrepreneur or prospective owner.

There are some who believe that going green means investing a lot of money for green office construction or for procuring more expensive equipment and office systems.

Not everybody knows that going green also means adapting green policies, employing practical eco solutions, and changing the organizational processes to influence change in behavior.

A green business often starts with a vision of making a difference by contributing practical solutions to environmental issues. It may start with green construction and building practices, which is becoming a mainstream in the industry.


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Eco Friendly Green Businesses

How to become more eco friendlyBusinesses that are investing in a building or any commercial structure may opt for a design that not only complies with local environmental codes but is also equipped with energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and other green innovations.

For businesses focusing on product manufacturing and production, going green involves procuring and installing energy and water efficient equipment to cut down on resource consumption. Product packaging and labeling materials, such as paper and plastics, are procured from renewable resources and biodegradable materials. For example, paper or cardboard is only sourced out from factories that only use wood from sustainably-managed forests while plastic is manufactured from biodegradable polymers that break down over a certain period of time.

Green businesses also implement environmental friendly policies and practices focusing on office management and operation. Staff and employees are required to reuse and recycle paper and other supplies as part of waste management. The practice of electronic memos and other office communications is widely accepted instead of disseminating paper-based information. Environmental friendly procurement is also practiced in green businesses. This involves procuring refillable and reusable office products and energy efficient office technology equipment.

Aside from contributing practical solutions to the environmental cause, there are other positive reasons for going green. In terms of costs and savings, an initial investment for green equipment and eco friendly systems yield long-term savings. Offices equipped with energy efficient heat and cooling systems, computers, and other office equipment generate savings compared to offices that utilize non-efficient systems. In addition, offices that institutionalize green solutions also positively affect employees and staff by facilitating change in their behaviors and practices.